Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


DOMAIN NAME IS: www.etechblog.in




Please read these Terms And Conditions, very carefully before using the 'www.etechblog.in' content.

This website is managed by "TECH BLOG". by using the 'www.etechblog.in' web site, ( the 'Website'). If 'you and user' are using this website, then you are legally bound. From the Terms And Conditions of 'www.etechblog.in'.

If you are not agreeing to any part of this condition, then you will not be able to use the services of 'www.etechblog.in'. The Terms & Conditions Agreement of 'www.etechblog.in' has been created by "TECH BLOG".

All these Terms & Conditions apply to all visitors, users and other people who use services and products of  'TECH BLOG'.


Our website may also contain a link to a third website which is not under our control.

Tech blog is not responsible for any third website article and confidential. If you read the article or content of any third website coming on TECH BLOG, then  TECH BLOG will not be responsible for all these content.

If you use third-party content or products coming to this website, then you must first read and understand the term and condition of that website. If you agree with any third website Terms and conditions then only you use the content of that website. If any other visitor does not agree with the website return condition then please do not use the content and product of that website.


If you violate our website 'www.etecghblog.in' terms without any reasons, then we can stop accessing our website to you without notice.


The website 'www.etechgblog.in' is created by TECH BLOG for education purposes.
Where TECH BLOG teaches people "How people earn money sitting at home".
If any person miss-use od web 'www.etechblog.in', Eg, if any person copies any article of 'www.etechblog.in' and posted on it to another website, after posting a copied article of 'www.etechgblog.in'  their both website and E-mail address will be blocked as soon as possible by TECH BLOH authority.


We can change these 'CONDITIONS' at any time. If we make any changes to these conditions. so we will try to provide at least 10 days' notice before any new rules come into effect. you may be bound by these conditions even after these conditions change, So please try to read the TERM & CONDITION page of this website again soon after the changes. 

So, if you do not agree with the recent changes in these TERMS, then please stop using 'www.etechblog.in' services immediately.  


If you have any questions regarding these conditions, please contact me.

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