About Us.

About Us.


Hello Guys, My Name Is Ajay Gupta. It's a pleasure to meet you.
I am From New Delhi, India. I am 45 years old. 


Thank you for showing So Much interest on my blog and for reading my article, which is the post on my website- www.etechblog.in.


From the website-etechblog.in, I convey all the information about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, And Digital Marketing to the people. Which makes it easier for people to earn the side income for sitting at home through YouTube, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc.


My hobby is in writing content. So, I keep writing articles for my website in free time. apart from this Website, I have 5 more websites from which I do Affiliate Marketing.
Apart From this I an also a professional graphic designer. I have 15 years of graphic designing experience.


I have 5-year's experience in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. 6 years ago when I did not start my website. Then I used to write the guest post for others' websites.

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