13 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers (Free).

13 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Hello Guys,
Welcome to another new article.

If you are a blogger then you must be aware that due to many websites being ranked on google.

If you start a new website in today's time and want to grow it. then you will need to invest a lot of effort and time.

You will need a lot of things. to grow your website,
Like- KeyWord Researching, Content Making, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Backlinks Creating, Images Creating, and likewise many more things.

But there is a way will which you will be able to do this whole process quickly and easily.

So I will recommend you to bring some Chrome-Extention in your blogging life and use it so that your blogging becomes easy and faster.

I am going to tell you about some 13 best Chrome-Extension that every bogger should use if they want to grow his webiste.

Whatever the extension is going to tell you. I personally also use it to develop and grow my website. so that saves me a lot of time.

So Friends, let us know about this Chrome-Extension without wasting any time.

Best Chrome Extention For Bloggers.

 1. Grammarly

If you are a blogger like me (or are you a content writer) and you want to get your website ranked on Google's First through your professional and genuine content.

And like you, while writing content like me- you make a lot of grammar mistakes. and then after writing content, it takes a lot of time to correct the grammar mistake.

So this extension is made just for you.

Because Grammarly is a punctuation and grammar checker tool, whenever you are writing any content, it will be automatic to correct all your punctuation marks and grammar mistake.

 2. Moz Bar

Moz Bar Chrome-Extension

If you want to get deep information about any website's SEO. So you must know about the Moz Bar. 

Because this Extention is very popular for deep research of any website's SEO.

If you do some search on Google, and you want to know the DA and PA of all ranked website on Google.

So you can know all website's DA and PA in just one click. with the help of Moz Bar.

Also read,

 3. Last Pass

Last Pass chrome extension

If you are a busy person and you forget your password. then this Extention is very useful for you.

Because the Last Pass is an extension that helps you manage all your passwords and help you log in to any website.

If you often forget your password, then you must use this extension once.

 4. Font Finder

Font Finder Chrome-Extension

If you monitor your competition and you want to beet them. And also you too keep developing your website by looking at your competitors to sites and make some improvements.

So this tool is very useful for you.

Because with this help of this tool you can easily detect the names of any fonts.

So if you keep an eye on your competitive website and if you like the font of any website and you also want to use that font on your website. 

But because you do not know the name of that font, you are not able to use that font on your website, then with the help of this tool, you can know the name of any type of font in just One Click.

 5. Stay Focused

Stay Focused Chrome-Extension

If you are operating an e-commerce website or YouTube Channel. And you want to grow it as soon as possible. by posting new something daily.

But due to the disturbing website like Facebook, Instagram, etc. on the internet. you are not able to focus on your main goal, which is regular content making for your website or YouTube channel.

If yes, then this extension is only for you. because whatever website wastes your time, with the help of this extension you can block those websites for some time so that you can focus all your attention on your goal.

If you feel that there is some website that wastes your time too much, then you must use this extension once.

 6. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Chrome-Extension

Whenever the name of the screenshot in the blogging life, then the awesome screenshot is called a much better chrome-extension.

Many big bloggers often use awesome screenshots tool to take a screenshot.

Because this tool gives you a better HD screenshot in just one easy click.

With the help of this tool, you can take an HD screenshot of any page and you can also crop that screenshot with the help of this tool.

This is some keyboard shortcut taking screenshot through Awesome Screenshot.
  • Ctrl + Shift + E (to capture entire page)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Z (to capture visible part)
  • Ctrl + Shift + S (to capture selected area)

 7. SEO Quake

SEO Quake Chrome-Extension

SEO quake is the SEO Chrome extension that shows you linked backlinks of the website and Alexa ranking, bing ranking, and so on in just one click.

If you want to know the full information about any website's SEO then you must use this extension once.

Because it can show you almost full information on any website.

  • DA & PA Of website 
  • Google ranking of the website
  • Alexa ranking of the website.
And so on.

although there is also a paid version of this extension, you can collect so much information for any website from its free version.

So that you will not have to but paid version of this extension.

 8. Buffer

If you are running any type of website and you want to keep those websites active on social media and achieve more targeted traffic. 

But due to the writing regular content for the website, you are not able to remain active on social media daily and post something new on social media profile.

If you are facing this type of problem then this extension is only for you.

By the way, earlier this website used to be an app. but this website has now created its own chrome extension. so that users do not have difficulty in using the website.

Basically, this extension will help you to be active on social media. if you are not able to be active on social media every day, then with the help of this tool you can schedule all your posts, and as soon as the time comes, the extension will automatically post that post from your social media profile.

 9. Similar Web

Similar Web Chrome-Extension

Basically, this tool is an analytics tool. with the help of which you can know the compete for analytics details of any website. (In just one click)

You can know all the information about any website,
  • How much traffic is the particular website achieving in 1 month?
  • Where is that website driving traffic?
  • Top-ranked article on that website.

According to me, this is a very good tool for free to get complete information on any website.

Although there is a paid version of this tool, this tool also provides you so much information for free that you will not have to but a paid version.

 10. Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy Chrome-Extension

By the way, this tool is more useful for YouTubers. Because with the help of this tool you can check the analytic of any YouTube vides.

But if you also upload videos along with the content on your website. to attract more visitors to your website then this tool is very beneficial for you.

With the help of this tool, you can easily analyze all the traffic coming to any video.
  • Which social media is getting more traffic to this website?
  • How long visitos watch his viedo.
And so on.,

 11. Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere Chrome-Extension

If your profession is Affiliate Marketing or Blogging, then this extension is very useful for you.

Because this extension will help you to find the best and profitable keyword related to your niche.

you have heard in many videos that keywords research for the niche is very boring and hard working. But this extension makes your keywords researching task simple and easy.

This extension shows you the monthly volume and CPC and monthly searches of any keyword in just one search.

 12. Email Hunter

Email Hunter Chrome-Extension

Email hunter is an email finder tool with the help of this you can easily see the email id of the owner of any website.

So if you do email marketing or affiliate marketing through the email then this tool is very useful for you.

If you are a content writer and you want to write content for someone's website, then with this tool, you can know the email id of the owner of any website.

So that you can talk directly to the owner of any website.

 13. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

If you are a content writer or blogger and you read a lot of articles to writhe your content 

So this tool is only for you.

with the help of this extension, you can save any article or video in your pocket account. so that if you are reading an article, if you like that article, then you can save it in your pocket account and read this article later.


Q-1 Do Chrome extensions have viruses?

Probably yes, many chrome-extensions can generate viruses on your computer, which may cause your computer to hang. 

But all the extensions mentioned in this article are virus-free.

Q-2 Is it safe to add chrome extensions?

By the way, most chrome-extensions are saved. but still, I will recommend you before using any extension, you must read its term and condition and privacy policy.

Q-3 How do I see my chrome extensions?

  • Go to the Chrome Browser
  • And click on the main "menu icon" (three dots)
  • And click on the "more tool" button
  • Now click on the "Extension" option.


In this article, I have told you the best Chrome-Extensions for bloggers. with which you can do more productivity in less time.

By the Way, there are thousands of Chrome-Extensions available on google for blogging.

But through this article, I have told you that the Extensions that I have personally used.

I hope these Extensions will also make your blogging life easy.

If you think, I have missed some main Extensions in this article.

So you can tell me through the comment. I will try to add those extensions to this article as soon as possible.

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  1. Brother nice article keep it up. I know you can become a best blogger so never give up.

  2. Yes I'll definitely share this post it is a very useful Blog Thank You ❤️😊

  3. Hey etechblog ,

    Great post with best chrome extensions for blogger. Every time i gain helpful ideas and knowledge while scrolling through your blog posts. I truly like your post and especially the chrome extensions that you have suggested. Also thanks for sharing your knowledge and making us aware about these helpful extensions.

    Grammarly is really an amazing tool for sorting several grammatical mistakes like punctuation,
    commas and spelling mistakes, whereas using this tool will be helpful and will also improve the writing skills and make the content error-free. Mozbar is great for doing deep research of any
    particular website,s seo. Last Pass is also a helpful extension that allows the user to manage all the passwords and log-in to any website. Font Finder is also a useful tool to detect the names of any fonts. Awesome Screenshot is a great tool to capture better HD screenshots. Tube Buddy is also a helpful tool for youtubers that allows to check the analytic of any video on youtube. Keyword everywhere is also a useful tool for finding the best profitable keyword related to niche. Email hunter is a great email finder tool that allows the user to see an email id of any website owner.

    Your all the suggested chrome extensions are helpful but i truly like Grammarly, Mozbar, Lastpass, Font Finder, Awesome screenshot, Tube Buddy, Keyword everywhere and email hunter. Using these extensions will helps a lot.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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