Top Social Media sites. You Need To Know About In 2020.

25+ Social Media Sites You Need To Know About In 2020.

In today's time as we all know that. Nowadays the number of people using Social Media is increasing day by day. 

The number of using social media is increasing day by day. The number you will not even know. The authority, which has to collect data about people using 
Social Media, has come to know that the number of people using social media in the world was 970 million in 2010, which has increased to 3800 Million in 2020.

Apart from this, it is now being estimated by these authorities that this number may increase by 3.43 billion in 2023. which is a very large number according to population growth.

Around 5k to 6k new people are sign-ups on different social media platforms every month. 

So, every day, seeing the increaser in the users of social media.
we must surely have a question in your minds that,

After all, what is the reason for the increasing users of "social media" every day?

For your information, let me tell you that in today's day, everyone wants to be connected with another person. Then whether it is a family member or someone is an employee of your company or someone is your friend. 
Some time ago when social media was not founded. people had to face a lot of difficulties in being connected to each other.

Along with this, if someone wants to send a message to someone, then it takes too much time for them to deliver that message. even the smallest message used to take a lot of time to reach people.

In view of these problems, Andrew Weinreich has created the first social media site "Six Degrees" in 1997.

Through  "Six Degrees", people were able to reach their message easily to others without wasting their time.

Form 1997 onwards, people started sending all kinds of messages to others through social media.

And since then many new social media platforms started being created and, In today's time there are many social media sites through which people stay connected to each other.

So if you operate a website through which you shear very useful information to people or you do affiliate marketing through your website and you want your website to reach as many people as possible.

So there is only one way to reach your website to as many people as possible. That is "Social Media".

The more Social Media platforms you submit your website the more chances you get to reach your website as many as possible.

In that post, you'll discover 25+ Social Media sites through which you can easily brand your website. And explore your affiliated product with many interested people.

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 11). QUORA

 12). MEETUP

 13). SKYPE

 14). REDDIT

 15). LINE



 18). GOOGLE+

 19). MEDIUM

 20). MEET ME


 22). TWITCH

 23). VIBER


 25). VIADEO


In this article, we have discovered some such Top Social Media sites. Daily users of these sites are in millions.
So if you operate a website or sell any affiliate products, then you should sing up on these social media sites as soon as possible, So that your website or product can reach as many people as possible at the earliest.


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