Are you also facing a problem related to the blog? Like if your website is not able to generate organic traffic or you are not able to regular post on your website.

If Yes, So this article is going to be very helpful for you because in this article we have told about all the problems that the new blogger when starting a blog.

If you want to know some of the mistakes related to people that affect people make while starting blogging then you're reading this article to the last so that you will understand all the mistakes which we often make. So that our website could not be ranked on Google. Add our website could not generate organic traffic from Google  SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So let's start friends,

 1. People Don't Choose a Profitable  Niche.

Many people start blogging to earn money, they are very excited to earn money from blogging. Many people start blogging to earn money, they are very excited to earn money from blogging.

The first mistake people make is that they start blogging any niche.

This is a mistake that people make inadvertently while starting blogging so that they have to face a lot of failures while blogging.

Many people do not think while finding a niche to start blogging, in which niche they have the interest, which niche can they give information to as many people as possible?

But many people do not keep these things in mind and start blogging on some high competition niche with the intention of earning more money from blogging, the niche on which many websites are ranking on the first page of Google.  There are kinds of websites from which we cannot proceed even if we want to.

Due to which, in the earlier days, good articles are written by the topic. but due to lack of interest in blogging, they gradually reduced writing about the topic, and due to not have much interest in the topic, they stop posting more articles on the topic on our website.

That is why many people also lived them without earning money from blogging due to bring motivation and not having any interest in that topic.

In simple words.

Somewhere people start a blog to earn money quickly they make a website on adjectives to make money as soon as possible, they do not think in which they have an interest.

due to which the niche on which they have started the website. due to a lake of interest in it, they couldn't post anything new related to Niche, just because of a lack of interest.

So that they have to leave blogging.

If you are unable to find a profitable needs to start blogging.

Then read this article:-  Top profitable micro Nich ideas to start blogging.

So you can get a lot of help from this article in this article, we have told you about some such profitable nice ideas. On which you can start blogging very soon and get your blog read on the first page of Google's.

Because in recent times the competition of all niche ideas mentioned in the article is very low and searches are very high.

 2. Don't maintain consistency.

It is any kind of website, if we don't regularly post articles on that website, then we will never be able to generate organic traffic on that website.

If you want to generate maximum traffic on your website, then you will have to keep posting regular new posts on your website, so that new visitors will come to your website daily.

But many people are not able to post articles regularly due to lack of interest in blogging. So that they are unable to generate traffic on their website regularly.

Because without interest in blogging, you can never do blogging like a professional job, if you want to post something new, then you have to increase interest in blogging first.

So to generate interest in blogging, then before starting blogging, you have to decide in which niche you have more interest and which niche you can post more and more articles regularly without any break and leave.

After decided in which you have interested, then you can create a website on it and keep posting something new on this website daily.

In simple words.

many people start the website after getting tracking by anyone and even after investing money on their website they do not post anything new on that website every day due to lack of interest. Because of this, they are unable to generate organic traffic on that website.

Due to which people start the website for whatever purpose. The purpose of those people cannot be fully filled from that website.

 3. False expectation.

False expectation means that many people think of blogging as very long he put too much expectation from blogging.

Somewhere people think that starting blogging will soon become famous and earn a lot of money.

Many people think that if we start blogging so we can earn more add more money by doing less and less work.

But according to the business philosophy,

Before starting any business we should think about fulfilling the needs of all people and not about early maximum money. Because whenever we do not think about people while doing business, we will never be able to take our business forward, and we will never be able to grow our business.

If you want to grow your business, then you have to pay more attention to this philosophy.

If you think that you will start earning more money only after working for a few days starting, then this thinking is wrong for you.

Because if you are thinking about start blogging or you have started blogging, then you will have to get the most knowledge about that Nich whichever niche you have to start blogging on or you want to start blogging.

even after getting a good knowledge of blogging, you will have to continuously upload something new on your website so that you can bring more traffic on your website.

after watching something new on your every day it can take at least 6 to 8 months to earn money.

if you are thinking that you can earn money by doing less work in them then this thinking is also wrong of you.

because if you are not posting something new on your website every day then it may take your long time to earn money from blogging.

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In simple words.

before starting any business we should not expect too much from that business like many people think that if we start blogging then we will start earning a lot of money by working in few days or we will become very famous by doing a little work in blogging.

So there is nothing like this if you create a website then you have to continuously post something new on that website every day and you have to pay a lot of hard work and a lot of attention on that website then after going you will get some money from that website.

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Blogging Mistake FAQ

 1. Remember this before you start blogging.

If you are thinking about starting blogging then before you start blogging you have to keep in mind that don't whatever nice you are building your website do you really have any interest in that nice can you reach some information related to that topic daily throw your website if yes then you will start blogging on that topic.

 2. Is blogging Difficult Or Easy?

Many people considered blogging a very easy task he understands that he can earn more money from blogging even by doing less work.

But I believe that if you have a little knowledge related to blogging then blogging can be a bit difficult for you.

But if your website is on the topic and you have all the information about the topic and you can post something new daily related to that topic on your website. Then blogging is not difficult for you.

3. In how many days can we be successful in blogging?

Achieving success in blogging is not in anyone's hand but if you are interested in blogging if you post honestly and good articles regularly on your website every day and if you are able to generate more and more traffic on your daily then hope that you will soon become successful in blogging.

4. Can we earn more money by doing less work in blogging?

Many people believe that we can earn more money even by doing less work so it is wrong for all of them if you want to get success in blogging then you have to work hard day and night then you will be able to earn some money from blogging.

5. How much money can we make every day from blogging?

There is no fixed amount that you can earn daily by blogging it is decided by the traffic coming to your website the more traffic will come to your website daily the more money from blogging daily.

6. From which platform should we start blogging?

By the way, there are many blogging platforms from where you can easily do blogging.

But if you are new to blogging now and you have recently started blogging and you do not have much information related to blogging right now and if you are just learning about blogging then the "Blogger" will be best for you.

But if you are a professional in the field of blogging and if you are website is a professional level then you should take the help of "Wordpress" for blogging.

For more Information Click here.


So, friend, there's a mistake that people make while startup lock for before they start a blog due to which they fall to get success in blogging.

If you want to be successful in blogging then you have to pay attention to all the things mentioned in this article and correct any mistake you were making.

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