What is a Facebook Page? 

What is Facebook  Page? (compare with Facebook profile)

Friends, you must have heard people saying many times in videos and in TV channels that like our Facebook page and follow it.

So friends, in this article today, we will know what is a Facebook page?

And why is the Facebook page important to us?  And what we can do through the Facebook page?

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What is called the Facebook page?

Facebook has a public profile that is used for a big brand, business, celebrities, and political parties, etc.

Just like you have friends on your Facebook profile, you have followers on the Facebook page.

What is the need for a Facebook page?

Big Company Schools.  Celebrities and political parties can upload their public updates on their Facebook page so that whoever is the follower of that page will reach these updates to all of them.

You can create countless followers from the Facebook page.  Whereas you cannot do more than just 4000 friends from Facebook profile.

You can create an online community with your friends through the Facebook page and keep in touch with them.

Big actors stay connected to people through their Facebook page and keep giving notifications of their new movies to the public.

The big company keeps telling people about their new product through its Facebook page and apart from that it also gives offers and discounts to its followers sometimes on their new product.

Nowadays, even big party leaders have maintained a personal Facebook page.  With which he maintains constant contact with his voters, millions of people vote for him by watching his speech and his videos.

How can we use the Facebook page?

If you have a website and your website is not generating much traffic, then you can also create a Facebook page related to the same website where you can share related articles from your website and like your Facebook, The followers of the page will increase and as people start viewing and liking your page.

You have many advantages by creating a Facebook page.

 Such as,

 1. If you have a website and are not able to generate much traffic on your website, then you can also create a Facebook page related to the same website, where you can share related articles from your website.  Can and as your Facebook page followers will grow and as people start seeing and liking your Facebook page  Visitors of this website will also be increased.

 2. Also if you have a YouTube channel where you post regular videos.  But if your videos do not get many views, then you can create a Facebook page related to the category of the same YouTube channel, where you can post all the videos of the YouTube channel and increase the visitors to your YouTube channel.

In the world of blogging, it is also called social linking where you link your website or YouTube channel to social media to build more.


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