What is Affiliate Marketing? & How does it work?

What is Affiliate Marketing? & How does it work?

If you are a housewife or a student and you want to earn money sitting at home, then Affiliate marketing is a very good way.  To earn money sitting at home. If you want to understand what is Affiliate Marketing?  So keep reading this article and learn this popular passive income method.

Before I start, let me tell you one thing that many people are earning millions on a month through Affiliate Marketing.

If you do not believe it, then you can check their interview by going to YouTube.

So let's start.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a very old digital marketing process where you can refer any product to anyone.  If someone has bought this product, you get a commission for that product.

In simple words.

Affiliate marketing is a very old digital marketing process.  Which is run by big e-commerce selling websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Mantra.  If you are an affiliate member of any of these style platforms, you can create affiliate links to all these website products and share those links with people if anyone buys any product through those links.  Then you get a commission for all those products.

And this commission can range from $10 to $1000 depending on which product you are selling.

  How affiliate marketing works?

 1. Go any  E-Commerce selling website and become its an affiliate member.

 2. Promote any product of that website.

 3. Share the affiliate link of that product everywhere.  Like social media, WhatsApp groups, Facebook profile, Facebook groups, on your blog and YouTube channel, etc.

 4. After doing all this, if someone buys a product from your shared link, you will get a commission for that product.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing for beginners:

There are several ways you can start Affiliate marketing?

Here are some ways where you can share the Affiliate link of your product.

  • You can create a blog and promote your product there.
  • Make a page on Facebook and share Affiliate links there.
  • Created a YouTube channel similar to your affiliate program and promoted your product there.

 Some steps to get start Affiliate marketing with YouTube channel.

  • Select a good profitable industry, on the basis of which you can open a YouTube channel.
  • Then a YouTube channel.
  • Then choose a plate product that you can promote.
  • Then you can put videos on your YouTube channel to promote that product.
  • Then you start putting many videos on your channel with some other product.
  • Make an Affiliate link of all the products promoted by you and put them in your video description.
  • After doing all this, if someone watches your YouTube videos and after watching the video, if he likes your video and he buys your promoted product through the Affiliate link given in the description of your YouTube video then  You will get a commission for that product.

That is why YouTube is a very good option.  Apart from starting Affiliate marketing, you can earn money by having ad shows on your YouTube channel.  Along with this, if your YouTube channel starts generating more traffic then you can also be popular.

Some steps to start Affiliate marketing with a blog.

First of all, select a  Profitable Micro-niche idea. On which you can create a blog.

  • Start a blog on that Micro Niche.
  • After that select which product you want to promote?
  • After that, you start creating an article related to that product.
  • Whatever product you are promoting.  Add a buyer link to that product in that promoted article as well.
  • So that the visitors like any of your products, then he can buy that product directly from your blog.
  • Try to build as much traffic on your blog.

Blogging is also a great way.  Along with this, you can earn a lot of money by getting a Google Adsense prover on your blog.

Affiliate Marketing: FAQ

Through this article, you must have understood that What is Affiliate Marketing and How it is work.

now let me tall you some common question that often comes in the
the people before starting affiliate marketing.

In how much money can we join affiliate marketing?

Becoming an affiliate member of any e-commerce website is absolutely free.  You can sell their product for absolutely free.  But in many places, you also have to pay money.  For example, if you want to sell your promoted products through the Ad, then you will have to pay something like that if you want to start Affiliate marketing without any cost then you can start affiliate marketing without any cost.

How much money we can make through Affiliate Marketing?

There are no limits to making money through Affiliate marketing. you can earn limitless money from Affiliate Marketing. There are many famous and big Affiliate marketers who earn 10 million per month through Affiliate marketing.

Can we do Affiliate Marketing without Blog or not?

Noting like that. you can start Affiliate marketing without a blog, but a blog is the best product promoting tool, Apart from the blog you can use social media to promote the product.

What qualification do we need to start Affiliate Marketing?

There is no need for any qualification to become an Affiliate member of any E-commerce website, you just need to be a good seller so that you can get maximum sales of the product of that website.

Can we earn money from both Affiliate Marketing and Adsense on our blog?

Yes, you can use both Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense on your blog. But my opinion is that Affiliating marketing is a better option than Google AdSense to earn money through blogs.

How are we able to sell our product to people as soon as possible?

If you want to sell your product more and as soon as possible, then share the affiliate link of your product as much as you can. You spread your affiliate link everywhere on social media, you share it in your WhatsApp group Facebook  Share on Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, etc. because the more people see your product, then the chances of selling your product increase as much.


So, friends through this article you must have come to know very well, What is called Affiliate Marketing? and How it is work? If you have any dought related to affiliate marketing, then you can share your doubt with us through the comment section and I will definitely solve your problem.

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