What is the guest posting?

What is the guest posting?

Hello friends, we are going to talk on this topic today.  "What is guest posting", how can we make money from the guest post or how can we rank our website on the first page of Google as soon as possible by guest posting?

Friends, before knowing all these things, we have to know what is a guest posting?

First of all, we know what is the guest posting?

So friends know by name only if an unknown person comes to our website and posts something, we call it guest posting.

Nowadays, there are many such big websites that separate all these guest posts because that is a big thing nowadays.  It has become so popular that it is not possible to write posts of those websites every day by one person.

That is why the founders of big websites hire many content writers for their websites.

And these content writers write new posts to those big website founders every day.  So that he can post it on his website.

Sometimes the founders of big websites are willing to give content writers $5 to $ 500 for 1 hour.

So, friends, this is why the guest house has been innovated if you have the skill to write big articles but you are not able to create a website for yourself, then you can earn money by writing articles for any popular website from here.

Along with this, a guest post also has another advantage.

If you have a website and you want to get it ranked on the first page of Google as soon as possible and to do this you want to get backlinks from somewhere, then when writing a guest post for any big website you can  A link to the article of the website can also be placed on the article of the guest post.

So that whatever article you are writing for a big website.  When that article is posted on that big website, then a lot of traffic will come on that website article because it is ranking on the first page of Google, so that if the link of your website article is inside that article then obviously on your blog traffic will also increase.

Doing this will benefit you in two ways.

 1. You also got money from writing articles of popular website.

 2. And you get a high-quality backlink for your website.


Hello friends, we have talked about this topic today. "What is Guest Posting". How does it help in ranking our website on the first page of google? and How can we earn money through  Guest Posting And how can we apply this on our website


  1. Good article very nice knowledge this is very useful for new beginners thanks for sharing this knowledge with us


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