New Domain vs Old Domain which is best?

New Domain vs Old Domain which is best ?

Hello Friends, Today is our topic. Which domain would be good for our website?

Friends, if you are interested in SEO or you are going to do SEO for your website, then you will know how important is the domain to do SEO?

If you do not know what is SEO, then you can know this easily by reading this article.


But when you go to buy the domain, 2 questions come to your mind.

 1. should you buy a new domain?

 2. Or we can buy an old domain and publish our content or article on it.

So which of these two is correct?  We should take a new domain or we can post our article on an old domain.

Or from which of the two domains, we are going to get more profit.

So both these conditions are correct.  You can also work with a new domain and post the article with the old domain.

It only depends on some special situations.

As we talk, if we take a new domain then it will not have any backlinks profile.

But if we take any old domain, then there will be some backlinks profile.

And if you go to buy any old domain, then why would you buy that old domain?

And when you go to buy the old domain, why buy it?  If an X-person is selling you your old domain, how do you confirm whether I should buy the old domain or not?

Or is this old domina going to help our SEO or not?

This is a big question, how will you decide about this question?

But you will only check this domain with backlinks as if any domain which has more backlinks means that the domain is good.
But false.

Just like an expert told you that take this domain of ours, this domain's back gender profile is 8000, then you would think that this domain has backlinks 8000, so this backlink is a very good backlink but not.

Is it the right decision that whichever domain has more backlinkthat domain is absolutely correct.

But when you are buying any old domine, then you do not just look at the number of batting of those domains, you will also have to check the profile of those backlinks.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that if you are taking any old domina, then on which website the batting of that domain remains.

And any other website from which you are getting backlinks.  That website also belongs to your category.

And the third is the name of the domain ie if your primary keyword is coming in your domain then this is a big plus point for your website.

So these are some important points that you can keep in mind when you are buying any domain.

Whether it is new or old.

And you can also check domain authority.  There are many such domains. With the help of which you can check the authority of any domain and in addition, you can also check the backlinks profile of those domains.



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