How to create contact us Page?

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about how to create contacts page on blogger?

Before making a contact page, let me tell you the benefits of this page.

Benefits of CONTACT US page 

If you create a website and get that website approved by Google Adsense, then Google Adsense will never approve your website.

If you have not created the 
Privacy policy 
Terms condition
Contact Us page on your website.

Since Google has changed its algorithm, since all these pages are very important in a website, without any of these pages, no website can get approval from Google Adsense.

If you want to put all these pages on your website, then by reading this article, you can easily place all these pages on your website without any problem.

How to create a TERMS AND CONDITION page?
How to create the DISCLAIMER page?
How to create a PRIVACY POLICY page?

So, friends, now we are going to talk about how we can make contactors page in our own way and put it on our website?

So let's start friends.

For this, you first open Google and after opening Google, click on this icon.

How to create contact us Page?

After clicking on that icon, now you click on the drive.

How to create contact us Page?

After clicking on the drive, now some such page will have opened in front of you, now you click on My Drive.

How to create contact us Page?

As soon as you click on My Drive, you will get a lot of options.  You have to click on the last option of the 'more'. and after clicking on the more, you will get a lot of options again. After this, you have to click on the first option that's name is  Google Forms.

As soon as you click above Google Form, you will get two options, First the Blank form and the 
Second Form a template.

If you want to make contact that page for your website, then click on the blank form.

But if you want to contact us form created for your website, then click on the second option from a template plate.

Today we are going to talk in this article about how to make a contact stomach, then click on the blank form before you to know it.

After clicking on the blank form, now some such pages will be happening in front of you.

Now the untitled form will be coming in front of you, so first of all, remove it and write "content us".

Like this...

You are seeing the opening of the question here.  Now you have to write the name here.

Like this...

After writing the name you will get an option on the right-hand side or by clicking on this option you have to click on the short answer.

After selecting a short answer, turn on the button of  'required'.

After doing all these settings, now your one section is complete.  Now click on this icon.

After clicking on the plus button, you also put the option of email on your contact search page.

You can also set the same setting to apply the option of email.

In the same way, by clicking the plus button, again add the option of a phone number to your contact page.

After that, click on the plus icon again and add a message option to your contact us page.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that on the option of the message, turn on the Required button.

After all these settings, now you can see that you contact us. page is ready. 

 If you want to add more options to it, then you can do it with this method.

The advantage of creating a contact us page from the blank form is that you can add any question from here.  You can delete any questions that your website requires and delete any questions.  Whatever questions are not necessary for your website.

Now we have created a contact page.  But now we face the biggest problem that how do we use this contact page on our website?

So, friends, now we know that what we have created is this contact us page.  Now how can we use it on our website?

So let's start, you have to first click on this send option.

As soon as you click on the button of send, then something like this will open in front of you.  Now you can also email this contact space to anyone from here.

Now you see this button Embedded HTML Now you click here.

As soon as you click on the detestable, now some such code will come in front of you, you just have to keep this size as it is, you just copy this HTML code.

After copying that HTML code you have to go to the admin panel of your blogger account.
And after going to the admin panel, you have to click on this page option.

Now you click on new pages

After clicking, you have to give the title here first.

Like this...

Now you see this HTML option.  Now you have to click here and after clicking you have to remove all this HTML code.

After removing this HTML code, now you have to present the code here which the court had copied from there.
Like this...

Now make the same setting in your page settings.

Now you have to click on the Publish button and in a few seconds your contact will be published on that page on your website.

Now as soon as any visitor will contact you through this contact page, then you will get an email from that visitor so that you can contact that visitor.

If you are having any problem related to any page, then you can know the solution to your problem through a comment from me




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