Hello friends, today we will know what backlinks are.

What are backlinks, what are the benefits of backlink, what are the types of backlink, how do backlink help to rank our blog or website?

So let's start friends.

What are backlinks?

what is blogging

So friends, the first question that comes to your mind would be what are the backlink?

o, friends, let us know what backlinks are. Let me tell you in simple language what the backlinks are?

A backlink is a link that takes visitors to our blog or website from one URL to another, where do these links go backlink.

What are the types of backlinks?

Now let's talk about what type of backlinks?

So friend backlinks are basically two types.
  1. Dofollow
  2. Nofollow 

Dofollow backlinks?

What are dofollow & nofollow back links

If we talk about do-follow backlinks, then we can also call it Permanent Backlinks in simple language, which will remain on your website or blog for a minimum of 1 year.

Dofollow backlinks are within dofollow comments, article submission, guest post and Also web 2.0 directory.

Nofollow backlinks?

What are dofollow & nofollow back links

If we talk about two follow backlinks, then this is not a permanent backlinks, these backlinks remain on your website for time, as if this backlinks remain on your website for only 6 to 8 months, after that the backlinks automatically  Will be removed from your website.

And no follow backlinks include mehndi social signals i.e. any links in your website you have got links from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram or from any social media platform, then all these links which are on your talk site  Link No Follow Links will be called NoFollow Backlinks One more thing comes inside is NoFollow Comment.

So this is the basic difference in both backlinks in dofollow backlink and nofollow backlinks.

Now let's talk about what the backlinks actually do.

what do backlink?

So friends backlinks have only one task that they help in ranking our article and our blog post.

Now we have told you that backlinks help to rank our blog posts or articles, but what people do is they start making backlinks in their website, they do not know what is the use of backlinks right now.  How to create and why backlinks are necessary for any website and how?





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