How to write a unique article?

Today we are going to talk about how to write good content for your blog.

What is good quality content?

As an accuser, there is good quality content where he gets the exact and proper answer to his question.

The given information should be to the point.

Quality content is the one that can answer your question correctly and understand both the search organization and the users of the content well.

Good content is what people like to read more and more and share more and more.

The best source to bring maximum traffic to a  website in the search engine. If your website content is at the top of the search engine, then more and more visitors will come to your website, the high-quality content article will also make your website first on Google's search engine. 

Note:- You must be thinking that while writing a blog, we should pay more attention to which screen on your content or above your SC, it is very important to get your article to be ranked high on the search engine. You do not pay much attention to the content by adding keywords and backlinks.  Can never do hi ranking on google engines.

Below are several tips and tricks that you can follow and write high-quality content and a high ranking on Google.

Why we need good quality content in our blog?

Earlier we were talking about why we need good content on our blog.

The main purpose of the block that we make is that we are able to tell the complete information about the topic on which we are building the block through this article and can help them in such a way,

If the content of your article.  It will be good if the visitor will be able to read and understand that content and they will get more and more of our blog and more and more people  Programming will share.

Content is very important for our blog because if your blog is not getting traffic or is not ranking in your blog search engine optimization, even if Google is not approving your blog

Then all this is the reason for your  If you are content, then what kind of mistake are you making in writing the contact, we are going to tell you today and we are going to improve it.

So let's start friends

Before writing good topics, you have to understand that you can write about them in a better way, then you have more knowledge about whom.

and you should do Content Analytics of the article that you are writing.


Content analysis means that the topic on which you are creating a blog, search the topic on Google.


The first tip is among the results that come, you must read the top 5 articles.


And try to understand how the article is written, what points are covered, whether all the heading is used and this topic is covered and how much is this topic written.

This shows you what kind of articles are ranking on Google and what kind of articles people like and how to write articles.

If you write a better article than them, then there are high chances that your blog will rank on the first page on Google.

And your blog post will generate maximum traffic.

The second tip is to make habits of reading 3 to 4 high-ranking articles daily, which are ranking on the first page of Google

Whenever you are writing content, then from the perspective of the leaders, think what could be the best answer and while writing the article, write the pin size and the public topic.

Suppose you are writing a blog what is blogging, whenever you are writing such question based or response blog, which will be your second paragraph, there you include the direct answer.

So that the interest with which the user is searching the topic gets an answer for that topic from the same interest.

Such posts rank higher on Google.

Apart from this, you can also follow these tips to increase traffic and viewers on your blog posts.




  • TIP no.1:- you paste three to five related images from the same topic on your blog.

REASON - This makes a huge difference to the visitors in your blog post.

  • TIP no. 2:- The second Mistake, which is sometimes mistaken by the beginners, and sometimes the old blogger, is the Mistake.  You write paragraphs too long in your blog post, you try not to write paragraphs longer than 2 or 3 lines,
 REASON - Because no user likes to read long paragraphs.

  • TIP no. 3:-  The third is a Mistake. We make our blog simple. We should always make a Question type subheading after two or 3 paragraphs in our blog.
REASON - This increases the interest of visitors' blogs.

  • TIP no. 4:- Team is many bloggers who never write a search description of their blOG.

Somewhere people will not know what is the relation with our block.

For example, I do some searches.

I search what is blogging

This is called the search description.

REASON - This is very important in ranking our blog.

Many new blogs will be doubtful about what we write here.

Right-hand side on your page

Here we have to write some interesting three to four lines related to our blog so that the interest of visitors can be increased in reading the block.


If you read these tips and trick carefully and apply on your blog post, I claim that your blog will soon rank well in Google search engine optimization.

If you have any doubts related to this topic, then you can definitely ask them by commenting.

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