How to generate free terms and conditions page? 

Hello, friends today we talk about how to create free terms and conditions page and contact that page.

So friends, before talking about this topic, I want you to know what is the benefits of these pages for our block, it is very important for you.

So let me tell you the benefits of these pages.

Why pages are important?

If you know your blog or website and apply it to Google Adsense, then Google will never approve your website, since Google changes its rules, since it is very important to make a page if you have pages in your blog.  If it is not done then you will never do ADDS in your blog.

Mostly we make our website or block it because we are able to earn.

So in today's topic, I will tell you how to add pages after creating a website or blog.

And how to make this page as if you are seeing it on the screen.

By the way, in order to take the approval of Google Adsense for our blog or website, we will have to do anointing of 4 pages, if you have to take Google Adsense approval then it should happen if there is none of this in our block.  So even if you do not have one of these 4 pages, you will not get approval.

Those pages are named:-

  1. About us.
  2. contact us
  3. Disclaimer.
  4. Privacy Policy
In this article, I am going to tell you how to make the terms and conditions, I have already made 1 article about how to make the other two pages, so we will not talk about those pages if you  Want to know how to make a page of disclaimers and abuses, then you can read this article of mine.

So let's start today's topic guys

First of all, I will tell you how you can create free terms and conditions page.

To create a term and condition page, you have click on this link.

You are getting a lot of options here but we will talk about the terms and conditions in today's article.

Now we have to click on the Terms and Conditions Generator.

Now we have to click on the button on this

Now we will get two options, website and mobile, now we have to click on the website first, then click on the Next tab by clicking on No.

Now you fill these given form.

Now you click on next step

Now you fill this form very carefully

Click to "next step" button

Now enter your e-mail address

After this, Click to generate the " TERMS AND CONDITION " page.

 Now save the HTML cord 

 This cord will be saved as soon as you click

Now go to your blogger website 

Go to and click on the "page" 

And go to HTML cord

And delete all HTML cord


And paste the HTML cord on here

Now your terms and condition page has been created.

Now you can check this by going to the compound and how your terms and condition have been.

You can publish on your website


If you have any doubt related blogging so you can ask me on comment and I will give you a definite answer.

If you want to create contact us page for your website so you can read this "how to create contact us Page"

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