How to choose the best keywords for SEO? 

Today we are going to talk about the top keyword research in tools for our blog post.
Friends, the keyword research tool we will talk about today is absolutely free.

How to find keywords for website?

Yes friends, you can easily find high research in and absolutely low competition keywords for your blog post, and easily put it on your blog post and you can easily bank your blog post on Google's first page.

So guys, before we go, we know why good keywords are required for our blog posts.
Why SEO friendly keywords important for our blog posts?

If a good keyword in your blog post writes a high-level keyword, then your 100%  percent chance that your blog post is ranked on the first page of Google.

After selecting the keyword, the biggest task is how we are writing our blog post. Friends, it is very important that we are writing our blog properly and properly or else if your keyword is high quality but your content is absolutely  If quality is there, your article will never rank on the first page of Google, the more quality content is on your blog, the more chances you get  In the ranks on Google.

If you do not know how to write good quality content on your blog, then you can understand this well by reading my article and write high-quality content on your blog post. How to write the best quality content on a blog post?

Keyword research is a process even before writing a good quality content, it tells us what to write about in our block post, from which topic visitors will land on our blog post?

So there is so many keyword research in the market that tells us which will be the best keyword for our blog post?

About the article

Friends, today's article is going to be a bit interesting because today I am going to tell you the best keyword research in the tool, but whatever tool I will tell you is absolutely free, yes friends, you are absolutely free without giving any money to yourself.  You can find a good keyboard for a blog post and by placing it on your block post, you can rank your blog post on Google's first page.  Can go

Friends, the tool that I am going to tell you today, in that tool, you can remove more than 100 keywords in one click and you can see the month volume graph, competition and CPC of all these keywords in one tool.  Can

So let's start friends

Whose research tool I am going to tell you today, the name of the tool is 'keywords finder'

So, friends, let me tell you how we can use this you.

For this, we have to first go to Google and search there

And you will click on the first return.

And now the website will open in front of you.

Now you will be able to search 10 keywords at the same time.

Just what you have to do is, after writing the word of each one, press Enter and you will be able to search 10 words simultaneously.

Like this

Now you click on find keyword.

Now you can see that this tool is searching on the keyword written by you till this tool will keep searching till you stop it.

As soon as your 400 keywords are searched, then only you stop searching for it.

Because friends, we are going to filter and remove many of its keywords.

Now see this tool has searched your typed keywords, now you will be seeing many keywords related to your search keywords here and here the monthly volume of all those keywords Adwords, CPC, Adwords Competition all this in the same word  Are visible.

And along with this, how much that keyword is ranked, in the last 12 months its bars are also being made here and it is coming down, it will know that in which month its word saffron thing was more and in which month  Had fewer keywords.

And here you will see this keyword is ranked higher this month i.e. people have searched more on its word last month.

Now you must be thinking that how can we copy all these keywords, then you can copy all these keywords by clicking here and copy and paste your notepad anywhere.

Otherwise, you can also download its excel file, first, you will delete Akshay here and now your excel file will be downloaded.

See this, your excel file downloaded will come here and you can easily see this excel file by clicking here.

Like this


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