What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Is The Process Of And Money Here we can sell the product of any e-commerce selling dot com website to others through links and we can also earn our commission by benefiting the company, this is called Affiliate Marketing.

Today we are going to talk about what is plate marketing of life marketing, how can they make money from me

There is a lot of e-commerce website in our country, from where we can buy clothes, we can buy mobile phones, from where we can buy any goods.

E-commerce websites like Amazon Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, etc.

The website which is an e-commerce website runs its own affiliate program

If you become a member of the Affiliate Program through the website, it is absolutely free to become a member.

And if you get the product of the e-commerce website from your contact with your link, then you get a commission for whatever you have sold for those products because you sold the product of those company or that is the profit.

What happens with this that the company has benefited from you too because you sold the company's product and you benefited because you got the money to get the commission of the product sold.

Also, there is no need to give extra money to the product that the user is buying.

As an example, suppose a phone has arrived new in the market, its cost is $10 and you will generate a plate link of that phone because if you are an affiliate member of any e-commerce website then you can generate a link to any product.  Now what you have to do is share this link with people on WhatsApp, on your Facebook account, Instagram ID or if you have a YouTube channel, you can  If you have a website or a blog on this video description, then there

If anyone buys a phone by your shear link, then you will get a commission of his phone like 4% 5%.

This profit depends on your product, such as 3%, 4%, 6%, sometimes on clothes and shoes, from 10% to 12% of profit, which product gets a percentage of profit, it will slow you down.  - Will know slowly when you start update marketing.

I am now sure you know what is Affiliate marketing.


Now let's talk about how to start Affiliate marketing and how to become an updated member of any e-commerce website.

Becoming an Affiliate member of any e-commerce website is absolutely free, whether you become an Amazon Affiliate member or whether you are a flat member of any e-commerce website, you will be free of any charge on Amazon.

If you want to become an affiliate member of Amazon as an exam, then you go to Google and search the Amazon affiliate program and click on the first link that comes and fill whatever form will come and you will become the update member of Amazon.

It is the same process that takes place even if you become a flat marketer of any e-commerce website.

Friends, now let's talk about how to make money from late marketing

When you become an Affiliate member of any e-commerce website, then you can generate a link to any product of that e-commerce website and you can share that link to anyone by anyone if someone from your generated link  If the product buys you will get that product commission

This is called affiliate marketing

Thanks to all of you guys for reading my article, if you want to do Appellate Marketing, then you can easily start affiliate marketing by reading this article.


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