In the 21st century, everything is changing, the ways of earning are changing, this is the change, we have come to tell you how to earn from home

 Today, we have brought a bright career option for you, which is still in scope, and later there will be a lot of scopes

 Whether you Student, Housewife, Working professional job Seeker
 Or you are earning a little money right now and you want a side income for yourself, you are looking for this part-time income, or you have studied and are waiting for the operation meeting, this is the right article for you all in which we will tell you How you can earn money sitting at home?

 So friends, the name of the job which I am going to tell you is

  1.  Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing.

 Affiliate marketing means such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, as big online shopping website, all those websites also have the option of real late from where we can do Affiliate marketing.

 So, friends, let me give you a little information about affiliate marketing, friends, as I said in all the big websites like Amazon, all these websites have the option of update marketing.

 Now we tell you what is late marketing, friends, affiliate marketing means that we can send the product of any big website through us, it is called as affiliate marketing as if we go to buy goods in a shop.

 That shopkeeper must have taken the goods from someone, only then he is selling us, similarly, Affiliate Marketing is also a shop but it is a little different from the shop.

we need a shop and after that, we have to contact them from where we will buy the same and we have to build a shop where we sell but there is nothing like that in Affiliate Marketing, here we have the product of the big website Affiliate can sell to people through marketing by simply sharing a link

How to make money

 Just select the product we want to send and make a link to that product and share it with people. If anyone looks at it and bought it through our link, then we get a commission of that product according to the price of that product like 345 percent or  Then more than this we get, sometimes we get 10 to 15 percent commission on selling mobile accessories or fashion products or books.

 Friends, I would advise you to share the gender of marketing to as many people as you can, because the more people see your link, the more your product demand is likely to increase.

 Friends, I want to give you a warning that we all know that nowadays, Facebook is running almost all over the world, at least in our country India, and the entire Indian population is many billions and those who do not run Facebook now also slowly start using that too.

 I saw today that the total downloads of Facebook were a hundred million plus, i.e at this time people who use Facebook are looking for crores.

 So if you automatically share the link of late marketing here, then I will show you how much profit you will make, that you join the maximum number of groups on Facebook, the members are in millions and make more and more friends.

 If you do not want to be a friend to the unknown in your ID, then you create a new account for your Affiliate Marketing where you can get more and more people  Able to share the link to your Affiliate Marketing.

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How to make money

 Now we are going to talk about another online earning, which we can do sitting at home and make money from it, friends, that is the name of the work is YouTube, yes friends, everyone knows about YouTube, Who does not know about YouTube, tell us, friends, in today's time many people are doing very good running from YouTube and you can too.

 If there is a channel, thousands of views are coming on it and thousands of subscriptions. Then you can earn an amazing image of that channel from about 40,000 to 45000 thousands per month, if you have any good passion or if you have good knowledge about anything, then you can share it to people through videos on YouTube. And make money.

You get paid for the ad that comes on our videos from YouTube.

By the way, Google AdSense gives us this money, not YouTube.

Google Adsense is an advertising company that gives us the money of this ad, YouTube divides the money we receive into 50%-50%, it keeps 50% of our ad money with us and gives 50% of the money to us. YouTube Online Earnings is called this.

If you also want to make a channel online on YouTube by making friends and sitting at home, then you can get all the information about YouTube by reading this article, then you can read all my articles.


How to make money

So, friends, now we are going to talk about blogging, yes friends, blogging is also a very big online earning platform, maybe you will not know right now but many people are earning thousands of rupees through blogging today.  We also do full-time blogging and are earning good money today.

If friends do not know about blogging, what is blogging called, then you can learn about blogging in a good way by visiting this article? WHAT IS  BLOGGING.

Here also we earn money through Google Adsense, here we get money to show our ads.

But it does not take half the money like YouTube, it gives us full money because we do direct blogging on Google, and Google gives us direct income, there is no third party involved here.

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