How to create a free account on

Friends., in the previous article, we told you by comparing and .which blogging platform would be right and best for you.

Today we are going to tell you how to create a free account on And how to post your blog on

So let's start friends, 

For this, we have to first open Google on our computer or our phone and search on and we have to click on the first links that will come.

After that, by going to sign up and make your account on by your email id.

after sing up, you click to next

put the name of your blog on the "name display" here

 Step 1

how to create blogger website

And then, you have to click on the button of "continue to blog"

then click to "create new blog"

Step 2

how to create blogger website

Step 3

Now the name of your blog here and whatever you want to keep the address of your blog like, put it in the address column, after which you like any of this theme then you can select any one of them. And you click on "create Theme"

how to create blogger website

And now this has become your blog

Now it has come to the option of Buy domain, if you want to buy two names, then click on it, else you remove it, but I advise you, do not buy two names right now when you blogging a little  Time is three to four weeks, after that you can think about buying these, if you do not block now, you should not buy denim now.

Step 4

Now you can create your blog by clicking on "New Post" to make  blog
how to create blogger website

Step 5

Now such a page will open in front of you, you can create your new blog from here and also publish it.
how to create blogger website


If you got friends to learn something from my blog, then you must tell me by commenting and posting this article as much as possible because whoever wants to do blogging and does not yet know how to create an account on or it  Can not run, he can easily create his own blog by reading this blog and can publish it easily.

Important point

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