Difference Between Blogger And Wordpress

How can do blogging and which is the best platform for blogging?

Hello friends, how are you, today we are going to talk about. How we do blogging. So friends, in the last article, I told you what is blogging

So friends, seeing this article what is blogging, you have also thought about blogging, but you do not yet know how blogging goes.

So, Today I will tell you about blogging, we can do blogging in two ways i.e. wordpress.com and blogger.com are both very popular platform for blogging there is some difference between these two platforms, that difference we are going to tell today.

In this article, We will compare these two and tell you the right platform.

Before telling you, we will compare these two platforms and tell you about the right platform

  •  Ease to use: You need a platform where blogging is very easy and you can be blogging easily and grow these.

  • Flexibility:  You need a platform where there are lots of resources and features that can help you grow your blog.


  • WordPress is a platform where you can easily create a website, blog or online store. it has been running since 2003 on google. today mare than 30% of websites and blogs and create by it. 
  • You can download the Wordpress software for free and it also has a site 
  • If you want to create a blog through Wordpress or by hosting or domains then you can download WordPress software and you can also open wordpress.com.
  • With wordprees.com  we can do blogging very easily without any coding skill, You just need a good computer where this website open easily and you have no problem
  • You can follow us step by step to create an account on wodepress.com for beginner's guide on. How to create an account on wodepress.com and you will be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

{follow us step by steps: ...........}

  1. Step: Open your google and search wordpress.com and create your account.
  2. Step: After creating an account, write down the name of your blog, Select your theme and click on Next.
  3. Step: Adding content to Wordpress is simple through posts and pages.
  4. Step: And after that, you can create blogs and publish easily on your account


  • Blogger.com is a free website where you can create your blog and publish easily and publish it for free.
  • This website has been running on google since 1999 and even today many blog and websites are created by blogger.com
  • Most users who want to make a blog and earn some money through blogging and they are neither a good website designer nor an engineer but on both these websites, we can easily blogging without any professional skill. 
  • Blogger.com is a very easy blogging platform where you can easily create your blog in just a few minutes
  • You can follow me step by step for creating account ob blogger.com for beginner's as a guide 

{follow us step by Step:............}

  1. Step: Open your google and search on blogger.com and than. 
  2. Step: Click on the first web and sing up there, After that write the of the blog as your choice 
  3. Step : And than choose any one theme and click on Next 
  4. Step: You can now create your account on blogger.com


Now we are going to tell you the difference in the control and flexibility of these two blogger platforms, It is very important for you.

Blogger.com is a very good platform for blogging because here we get many types of gadgets that we can use to grow in our blogging, through the gadgets we are able to create both posts and pages.

As we know wordpress.com is a free platform for blogging, so here we get good controls and flexibility from blogger.com

On blogger.com we get blogs of limited theme and limiter types of designs but because wordpress.com is paid platform for blogging so it gives countless  theme and designs for making blogs and websites 

This comparison shows us that. If you want to start blogging and you are anew blogger. You have just started blogging, then blogger.com is the best platform for you to do blogging because here you do not need to pay any money to do blogging.

Here you can Blogging for free without any investment and you also earn money through blogging on blogger.com


If you are a professional in the blogging field or you have been blogging for a long time. So, wordpress.com is the very best platform for you as compare to blogger.com

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